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Delightaid is a small digital web agency that works for small businesses. Delightaid was founded in January 2014. Delightaid is the combination of two words in English ĎDELIGHTí and ĎAIDí. DELIGHT means happily and AID means help, which means happily serve others, a calling to do good works for others that is our main purpose. Our main aim is to help small businesses how to grow their business with the help of Internet technology and digital marketing components, how to get found online so that they can run their businesses proficiently. Delightaid mainly offers specific services in the digital web arena like website design for small business in India, digital marketing, identity and branding and presentation design for small businesses.

Why we are doing it.

Small businesses are the major contributor on every country's economy but unfortunately maximum donít knows the power of the present digital mediums. They are still following traditional ethics of marketing and branding. In present Internet world, many customers look online for local products and services, but those small businesses do not have website or donít have any online presence thus result they are invisible for those prospect customers.


We are a virtual, digital web agency mainly working from home base. We believe, traditional ethics, physical office, land is not necessary to do your passionate work. We have dedicated passionate people, who have many years of experience and are working for us virtually.